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How To Tie A Bow Tie.
September 24, 2009


As a man, learning how to tie a bow tie is ESSENTIAL. You should have stopped wearing clip-ons at the age of 12. This video is handpicked and, in my opinion, the best one on youtube. Its how I learned. Put it to good use. Major Glory.


Major Chords: “Gangster Moderne”.
September 24, 2009


MC Solaar- Gangster Moderne (1997).

City of God.
September 24, 2009


City of God (2002) is a film that takes place in the slums of Rio De Janeiro, Brasil. It depicts the colorful culture that Brasil has to offer, while introducing you to the dark gang orientated surroundings that conflict with the main character and his dreams. This story of self discovery and becoming is with out a doubt an epic tale that everyone should see.

Major Glory: Mr. Rogers.
September 24, 2009


We all grew up watching Mr. Rogers. His kind spirit and inviting tone was appealing to every child. Of course his lessons on manners and moral values were fun and entertaining, but what Mr. Rogers does not get credit for is his style. Although, at the time I did not realize it, Mr. Rogers has a unique “old man” style that I have grown to respect and love. Lets face it, from his cashmere sweaters, to his bright red zip up cardigans, the man could dress. Lets not forget to mention his endless tie supply. He will forever be a Fashion Icon & TV Hero. Major Glory!

Major Peepage: “But All The Cool Kids Do It!”
September 24, 2009


Well here is something you don’t see everyday. This is a collection of Early 1960’s Cigarette Ads. The film quality of the commercials are digitally restored. I found these commercials interesting and kind of humorous at the same time with the messages they are trying to get a across to the audience. Every commercial is FULL of classic American style. Major Glory.

What a Man Should Know.
September 17, 2009


What a Man Should Know ($20). This guide to becoming a more well rounded gentlemen can be found in J. Crew stores everywhere. Volume 1 of this series contains everyday advice that will be sure improve you and your lifestyle.  EXAMPLE: #46 A Man Should Know His Cellphone Is Only Incidently A Time Piece: A good watch is something a man should always have on hand. On the left wrist.

American Menswear Reinvented: Thom Browne.
September 16, 2009


thom-browne-2010-spring-summer-closer-look-6Thom Browne Spring 2010 New York Mercedes-Benz Fashion

Week. For those of you who don’t know Thom Browne has been on the rise for a couple of years now. He is an American designer who is best known for his avant-garde take on the modern day suit. His signature patten lies within the detail and cut of his suits. His shrunken style designs stop short well above the ankle, while the length of his sleeves range from short-sleeve to a more traditional fit. The patterns and fabrics he has pulled off recently consist of polka-dots, plaids, whites, pale grays, navys, tribal patterns, cottons, and rain slicker materials.

Watch & Learn: Ralph Lauren, Leaders of the New School.
September 16, 2009

19 Selina Khan & Liu Wen & Shu Pei - Ralph Lauren Fall 2009.JPG

picture courtesy of: Ralph Lauren Spring 2010, New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

video courtesy of: NY Mag, The Cut Blog.

I Got 5 On It.
September 16, 2009


designed by M&Co ($95 each). Although the actual structure of the pieces are simple, the concept behind the detail of the watches have something unique to offer. The first watch is dedicated to the number FIVE. In pop culture, 5 o’clock AM is usually regarded as the start of the morning or day, and relatively speaking, 5 o’clock PM is thought to be the end of the day or beginning of the evening. The second watch is inspired by “onomatopoeia”.  The 12 is represented by an egg, which are usually sold by the “dozen”. The 3 is represented by a tree. The 5 is represented by a hand, for the number of fingers. Finally, the 9 is represented by a cat, and the number of lives that they are said to have. Major Glory.

Major Shoppage: Get Puss, in Boots this Fall.
September 16, 2009



Red Wing/J. Crew, rugged classic boots ($200). Perfect for heavyduty weather. This  tastefully tattered pair of footwear  will last you at least a decade, if not two.


Opening Ceremony, outdoor desert boots ($360).


Marc Jacobs, ankle boots ($200). A dope creation for a reasonable price, by one of the industry’s most sought after names.


Clarks Original, Desert Boot ($89). This constant staple in American footwear is undoubtedly the best buy for a timeless fall look. Goes great with denim & everyday casual wear.